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Create your own chemical-free Sunscreen

Create your own chemical-free SunscreenThe good news is you don’t have to lather your body in toxic chemicals to spend time outside in the sun. Just follow this recipe for an all-natural sunscreen you can make at home, which utilizes the natural SPF properties of...

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Healthy Drinking Choices

Healthy Drinking ChoicesWhat we drink can drastically affect our health.Below are some links that will highlight this.Good WATER is such a healthy choice – it hydrates our muscles, and keeps the body systems working well! It is the best decongestant, also.We can get...

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My Massage Therapy

My Massage TherapyRemedial Massage includes Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Release techniques; Soft Tissue and Myofascial Release techniques; Lymphatic Drainage, Passive traction and movement of joints; resisted stretching..I also do Pregnancy massage.Seated...

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